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About us

JCommerce is a software development and information technology outsourcing company, which specializes in nearshore software development services for European Customers seeking long-term partnerships.

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We have a wealth of experience with Business Intelligence, Microsoft .NET and JAVA, through web and mobile application technology as well as with cross-platform development and implementation. We are skilled in the full lifecycle of the software design, development, integration, configuration, implementation and support.

Our achievements in the recent years have quickly transformed JCommerce from local Software House Company into globally recognizable partner in the dynamic European outsourced development market.

We take care of high quality of our IT services. We implement the best practices from our Partners (JCommerce has established partnerships with top global software corporations including: Microsoft, Qlik, SAP, IBM and Dell) and engage the most skilled/knowledgeable people, while giving them the best possible self-development carrier path (technical trainings & certification).

Since 2005 we have become the top recognizable nearshore Business Intelligence Service Provider Company in Western & Northern Europe (delivering one of the most complex data warehousing projects). Also, we have been chosen as an exclusive technology partner in web & mobile application development i.e. partnering with one of the biggest media-house company in Europe). You can find more about our project portfolio & industry expertise in the Selected Projects section.

Key Figures
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We can present our experience in IT business in numbers, and the result shows that we have been operating on the IT market for over 12 years, and at the same time our professionals have spent in IT more than 1500 man-years. Nowadays, our team consists of more than 300 specialists. Each of them conducts around 10 hours online&video conferences with the Clients weekly. We have realized more than 300 projects, moreover, the largest system we have provided is used by around 1.000.000 active users. We implement dedicated solutions in different parts of the world, that is why we yearly travel more than 200 000 km to visit our Partners. Furthermore, we are continuously developing - since 2015 our team has extended by 33%. We care about our employees, and because of that they have spent until now about 18.000 man-hours in trainings.

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Why Outsourcing to Poland?
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Poland has the most mature IT outsourcing market and is undisputedly the leading outsourcing destination in Europe. Cultural similarities, the high level of education, tax incentives, the stable economic situation, and highly skilled workers are its main advantages. The "2016 Global Services Location Index" by A.T. Kearney, the leading global management consulting firm and trusted advisors to the world's foremost organizations, served to confirm the above; while Ernst & Young recognized Poland among the top 5 countries for foreign direct investment in Europe in the "Attractiveness survey Europe 2016 - How can Europe’s investors turn resilience into growth?".

According to information from the Polish Ministry of Treasury, Polish outsourcing business centers employ over 150,000 people, a number which is rising by 15-20,000 new specialists each year. The number of such centers currently stands at around 650, while the average number of employees per center is approximately 228. Outsourcing companies in Poland offer their services in 30 languages, to dozens of countries worldwide. The strength of government support for outsourcing, which is usually not the case in most countries, can even be described as unique.

The knowledge and experience of Polish developers is further proven by their results in international programming contests. According to the results of HackerRank - 2016 programming tests, Poland has the best IT specialists in Europe and the best Java specialists in the world. Polish engineers regularly win competitions such as the Imagine Cup, Code Jam or Central European Programming Contest (CEPC), which signifies that the quality of IT services in Poland is outstanding.
Furthermore, Poland’s location in the heart of Europe is significant – the country is situated at a relatively central point in terms of transportation networks. Then again, the communication infrastructure (i.e. airlines, ICT network) is no different in terms of quality from that of Western Europe.

The attractiveness of the Polish market is proven by the fact that the largest global corporations, including Microsoft, HP, Google, Oracle, IBM, and SAP, have already invested in the Polish IT services market, and built their IT service centers here.

Our Partners

Show me your partners and I will tell you who you are – this is one of the principles that rule business today. That is why, we co-operate with the key IT companies.













We are part of the most prestigious organizations and institutions:

The Global Sourcing Association

Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie Polonaise en France

Outsourcing Verband

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