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Software Development Methodologies


There is no better way to optimize the project development process than letting people communicate at all project development stages in a structured and controlled way.

Each methodology needs to be Scalable (suitable for both small and complex projects), Flexible (applicable to all kinds of projects) and Dynamic (able to apply ideas from outside the team).

Throughout the lifecycle of a project, we need to ensure that it maintains a business justification. It should be clear that the project is needed, viable and can deliver the expected benefits.

In order to allow effective communication between our Clients and the development teams, we use a video-conference system. We are always connected through Microsoft Lync and use video/audio conferencing equipment (Polycom) and digital whiteboards (SmartBoard). This allows us to collaborate almost as if we were in the same office/room. It really improves the quality of communication during the project development lifecycle.

At the Project Management level we use the PRINCE2 methodology and apply our own project execution procedure. At the development team level we have adopted the Agile Methodology and we are big fans of Agile frameworks such as: Scrum, Kanban and Scrumban. We like Agile approach because it requires the Client’s involvement in the whole project development cycle. As a result, it minimizes the risk of exceeding the budget and not meeting the deadlines. Agile Development Techniques allow our Clients to implement flexible software solutions.

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