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What we offer

JCommerce offers software and application development services that meet the most cutting-edge technical proficiency requirements.

Startup Support

We will bring your startup idea to life! Our experts can create a dedicated website, a mobile application, an ecommerce platform or develop your software. We can cover all IT aspects of your project. Contact with us and avoid technological debt. We are offering professional consultation on every stage of you startup - no matter if you are at the beginning of you project or planning to scale up.

Software Development Services

JCommerce provides a wide spectrum of IT related services to support Clients throughout the entire life-cycle development process (Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing, Evolution). Our area of software development expertise concentrates mainly on: Java, Microsoft .NET, PHP, Business Intelligence, Web Applications Development, Mobile Applications Development. In the technologies section you will find the full range of our expertise and technical capabilities.

We offer our software services for European organizations in the nearshore development model (Western & Northern European Customers) as well in the offshore software development model (for Clients located overseas like: Canada & USA). See the section of selected project which can give you a high level description of what, where and to whom we have done our services in the past.

We always seek long-term relationship with our Clients, that’s why we know how crucial it is to keep high quality of the products and services we offer.

All of our software development services are based on high qualified IT professionals. We treat every single customer seriously. We always try to gain the best understanding of our Client’s business needs. Based on our experience we have developed different approaches to collaboration with external partners, which we believe are crucial before starting to offer any service.


In order to minimize the development risks and control software development investments we offer custom software prototyping services. Our team will define, verify and formalize your requirements. Then we deliver the specification for your future system (as detailed as possible), static mockups (sketches) to avoid misunderstandings and outline the major functionalities, and interactive wireframes to review and cross-check crucial software features. Finally we design an interface to give you the complete look & feel of your future solution.


At JCommerce, the software development process and delivery methodology are customer and business function centric. Our technical approach guarantees that we will not only advise you, but also work closely with you to help you implement the change.

In today’s transforming business scenarios, it is imperative for IT solutions to be robust, scalable, and adaptable. Our highly experienced IT experts with over 10 years of software expertise bring you high-value solutions that minimize costs, reduce risk and increase productivity.

Based on our professional IT Consulting services you will be able to:

  • Adapt the changing market conditions
  • Align IT with business goals
  • Optimize costs, while maintaining high customer satisfaction
  • Accelerate time-to-market for new products and services
  • Meet industry standards and compliance requirements
  • Leverage emerging technologies effectively

You have an idea of software product. None of the off-the-shelf solutions can fully meet your business requirements. Let’s start to think of building dedicated solution with JCommerce.

Depending on your individual preferences and expectations, JCommerce is able to build custom web, desktop and mobile product. We suggest to start with JCommerce IT Consulting services (cross-technology expertise). Custom solutions always require expertise in different technology domains in order to deliver bespoke products.

Once we do the analysis, you will get a complete overview of the project. Usually there is a long way between business vision and complete working product. We would like to ensure you about all crucial aspects of your future software product and possible risks.

We have designed, built and customized software products for various industries, such as:
Finance & Insurance, Media, Transportation, Healthcare, Public, Telecommunications, IT, Production, service, trade and many others.

Business Intelligence Expertise

We offer comprehensive BI solutions which are fundamental in understanding the critical business metrics, help you to eliminate waste, and enable more informed strategic decision-making. While preparing dedicated Business Intelligence solution we base on expertise and the best practices of our worldwide known partners such as Microsoft, Qlik, SAP or IBM.  

JCommerce focuses on integration of ETL solutions and data analysis tools with the Business Intelligence processes and information systems which currently exist in your company.


If you want to receive more information, have a look at our brochures:


JCommerce high level Business Intelligence services include:


Maintenance & Support

In order to provide our Clients with all advantages of well functioning software, JCommerce offers multiple options for Maintenance & Support Services.

Maintenance & Support Services List:

  • IT support
  • Security audit
  • Web application improvement
  • Consulting & staff training
  • Task/bug tracking, system deployment and customization
  • Migration of data
Building Dedicated Teams

One of the key services our company provides is the team building service (also known as staff-leasing). We create and help in managing long - term offshore and nearshore development centers and dedicated teams of different sizes, working on various technologies.

We build a dedicated team that will follow only your project development rules and be under your full control.

We will set up and manage a team dedicated to fulfill your specific needs for application development, system integration, software testing, or web site development. We will choose the most talented professional resources and provide them together with a complete infrastructure and administrative services at the lowest and most predictable costs available.


Quality Assurance & Software Testing

You are visiting the ‘Quality Assurance & Software Testing’ section – now we are more than sure that there is nothing more important for you than the software product quality, which JCommerce provides at each stage of cooperation.

But what does software quality really mean to JCommerce?

The importance of controlling the risk of failure in software development is rapidly growing. Quality Assurance starts from the first meeting with our Client. It is not only the process, method and techniques adjusted to each development phase (design, implementation, testing, maintenance), but also a way to interact with Client itself.

Our experience shows that most of the software development failures starts with wrong communication (at business, technical & end user level).

JCommerce prepares a dedicated Quality Assurance and Testing strategy in order to guarantee the Clients a high quality development process, as well as full control of what is being developed.



If you want to receive more information, have a look at our brochure:


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